Everyone’s a Writer

Everyone’s a writer. Everyone’s more talented. Why should I bother? This is going to take me hours, months, years and nothing is going to come of it. I’m not good enough. It only makes me feel worse for trying…

And so it goes. Sound familiar?    

Competition can often feel overwhelming, making it difficult to hold confidence and motivation in place long enough to produce work and put it out there.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to not let this conquer you. Don’t crumple your courage into the waste paper basket. If you’ve already put it in there, dig around and get it back out.      

It can often feel easier said than done, but whenever you find yourself crushing your own spirit, try to maintain a healthy perspective by taking a step back from yourself. Just for a moment. Then for another moment, every time you feel yourself slipping a little too far forward.   

If you can see the bigger picture, you’ll come to realise that everyone – even those at the top of their game – consider themselves at some kind of intermediate level. As individuals, whatever we are doing and at whatever level we have reached, there will always be someone better skilled and someone lesser skilled than us. It’s important that there are.

A healthy perspective is to admire the better skilled without envy and encourage the lesser skilled without arrogance, whilst valuing where we sit on the scale. We need mentors, criticism, and to see ourselves improving in order to be pushed to create our best work.

Everyone’s winging it. We are all differently talented. If we don’t bother, nothing will get done. If it takes time, it’s probably worth doing and something may come of it. I am good enough. I feel better for trying…

A healthy perspective. Make it sound familiar.

Words (c) Rebecca Innes 2017
Image (c) Camilo Diaz 2017