Everyone’s a Writer

Everyone’s a writer. Everyone’s more talented. Why should I bother? This is going to take me hours, months, years and nothing is going to come of it. I’m not good enough. It only makes me feel worse for trying… And so it goes. Sound familiar?     Competition can often feel overwhelming, making it difficult … Continue reading Everyone’s a Writer

The Biggest Storytelling Secret? Know Your Audience.

Storytelling is communication, born of our innate desire for security and belonging by virtue of a connection. For more on this, see my previous post 'Stories - Why do we tell them?'. Your narrative is a debate, an argument, and it should seek to gather people to its cause. Think of your set-up as your proposition, your conflict as your deliberation … Continue reading The Biggest Storytelling Secret? Know Your Audience.

Inspiration – Where do we find it?

As one of my favourite writers, Jack London, famously put it: "You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club”. Okay, I've got my club (pen). I'm ready (poised over blank paper). Angry face is on (twitching with caffeine). There's a brilliant (vague) idea floating about up there on the tip of my brain. Great, I've … Continue reading Inspiration – Where do we find it?

Stories – why do we tell them?

To be human is to be compelled to try to understand, connect with, and assign meaning to everything around us. As a species we are constantly seeking affirmation, particularly in this modern world with its increasing levels of anxiety, reflected in the gloss of the multiple screens we blinker ourselves with and the curated images, or stories, that … Continue reading Stories – why do we tell them?